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Praktyczne informacje dla odwiedzających (EN)

CITYFEST / 14th JULY 2018 / Prague  Exhibition Ground Holešovice, Industrial Palace

Useful tips for visitors

The third edition of the Dance Music Open Air festival CityFest is in front of the door and already on Saturday, 14th July 2018, the world's top DJ's visit the Centre of Pague. We believe that the festival brings you only the best experiences, whether musical or visual, because CityFest is definitely not just about great dance music. We are preparing for You a beautiful area with modern sound and light technology, of course with many kinds of drinks, the food and accompanying attractions. In the text below you will find a lot of useful information that will help you to be knowledgeable in the festival area. We look forward to Your visit and see you on the CityFest!


Tickets will be available for everybody by the entrance.
A standard ticket allowing you to access both stages costs 1200 CZK. VIP tickets will cost 1900 CZK, VIP GOLD tickets will cost 3500CZK and their number will be limited.
ZTP/P cardholders coming with an accompaniment can buy only 1 ticket, and they will get the second ticket for free. Tickets will be available by the entrance.


The outdoor area of the CityFest will open on Saturday 14th of July at 12.00 PM, the second Dance Radio stage at Industrial Palace will open at 7.00 PM.
Cash desks will be opened from 12.00 AM and will be situated by the entrance.
Please be aware that all tickets needs to go through a ticket reader. Therefore we don’t recommend buying the tickets from unauthenticated sellers. The tickets have several protective signs, which will be checked by the reader. After a personal check-in and ticket verification every visitor will obtain a wristband. The entrance will be divided into several corridors. The corridor for VIP visitors and accreditation will be separated. We ask the visitors to use all the corridors to prevent long queues.


The CityFest is only for visitors, who are 16 years and older. It is not allowed to enter the festival with: own food, drink, drugs, aerosol spray, cans, plastic or glass bottles, weapons or other items which may cause harm to others. Umbrellas are also not allowed therefore we recommend bringing a raincoat. Signs with an explicit political, racist, discriminative or social movement meaning are also forbidden. Visitors, who will break any of these restrictions, won’t be allowed to enter the festival or will be asked to leave the festival.


To get to the Exhibition Grounds we recommend to use LIFTAGO company transport. Its drivers will carry you to the CityFest area and back comfortably and cheaply.

In consideration of the huge volume of the visitors we recommend to come ahead of time.

The Exhibition Grounds is available easily by a bus and a tram (bus/tram stop Výstaviště Holešovice) or by metro (metro station Nádraží Holešovice).

The visitors coming by theirs cars or touring bus can use some of the following carparks:

  • The carpark in the area of the Exhibition Grounds near the swimming pool (all-day parking for 200 CZK) – convenient for buses
  • The carpark in the neighbouring site of the hockey hall in Holešovice



Within the festival area will be possible to pay in cash in CZK and also in Eur, while the return will be only in CZK. Credit cards will be accepted at the main bar in the middle of the outdoor area and also at the bar inside the hall. There will be an option of cash back instead of near the entrance!


There will be a sufficient number of the mobile toalets in the outdoor area.

For the whole time of the Cityfest there will be available standard WC located in the basement of the Industrial Palace where there are access downstairs  from the foyers.


The cloakroom will be located in the foyer basement of the Industrial Palace. You can deposit your clothing and rucksacks here.


It will be possible for the visitors to leave the Cityfest between 12 – 5 PM and come back at no costs. In case of leaving the CityFest area after 5 PM, the ticket won’t be valid anymore and you won’t be able to enter the festival with this ticket again!


There will be a health service stand which will be visibly marked  (see the map)!



Photo and video shooting is possible for the visitors with cell phones and compact cameras without additional lens. Professional photo and video equipment is allowed only for accredited photographers and media. When buying the ticket the visitor agrees with the usage of the photo and video record for commercial usage and promotion.


The zone with the photo wall, photographer and possibility to take part in the competition about the best outfit of this year´s CityFest.

The winner will get a VIP GOLD ticket for CityFest 2019!


There will be a separate corridor for faster check in of visitors with VIP tickets.   Outdoor VIP zone with unique view will be located on the terrace in the middle part of the Industrial Palace. There will be a separate bar and WC. In the internal zone VIP terrace will be located opposite the stage - with the separate bar and WC.


There will be a separate corridor for faster check in of visitors with VIP GOLD tickets. Outdoor VIP GOLD zone with the unique view will be located on the terrace in the middle part of the Industrial Palace. There will be a separate bar and WC. You will find an internal VIP Gold zone with the bar and WC on the side balconys. The entrance to the zone will be between the bars on the left side of the area - when looking at the stage (see the map). Both of VIP GOLD zones have a separate bar with unlimited consumption and a cold buffet.


COOLHUNTERS RELAX ZONE will be situated in the back part of the festival, opposite the main stage. There will be smoking zone, where you can also buy tobacco products. You will also find there a special photo area FOTONAUT, where you can take a picture of yourself and your friends.


Official CityFest beer EXCELENT prepared for you an entertainment zone with a lot of activities, pleasant sit-down and splendid bars.


Pepsi - a Duel of flavor - you know  this mainly from tv spots. Now all visiters have the opportunity to feel the clash of flavors on their own skin, to compare different drinks and the chance to become part of the advertising spot, which the Pepsi company will use in the next months.


The stand with the label MERCHANDISE where you are enable to buy T-shirts, baseball caps, bracelets, vests and glasses with the CityFest logo, will be located in the Industrial Palace foyer.


We are aware, that everybody has a favorite DJ. Therefore we prepare a number of attractions, which can entertain you, when your favorite DJ is not playing or when you want to take a break from the party people.


Due to a high interest of visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad, we recommend you to use www.booking.com to reserve accommodation. You will find there relevant accommodation capacity in Prague.


The official CityFest Party will take place in the club Ateliér where the event will start on Sunday July 14 at 4 a.m.  The ticket costs 100 CZK.  Marcos, Deffo, Funspeed, Dobi a Mike Mex will introduce themselves to you one-by-one.


The official CityFest carrier is LIFTAGO. Use a mobile application and travel to CityFest and from it for the most advantageous prices.