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Praktyczne informacje dla odwiedzających (EN)

CITYFEST / 1st JUNE 2019 / Prague - Exhibition Ground Holešovice, Small Sports Hall

Useful tips for visitors

The fourth edition of the Dance Music festival CityFest is in front of the door and already on Saturday, 1st June 2019, the world's top DJ's visit the Centre of Prague. We believe that the festival brings you only the best experiences, whether musical or visual, because CityFest is definitely not just about great dance music. We are preparing for You a beautiful area with modern sound and light technology, of course with many kinds of drinks, the food and accompanying attractions. In the text below you will find a lot of useful information that will help you to be knowledgeable in the festival area. We look forward to Your visit and see you on the CityFest!


Tickets will be available for everybody by the entrance.
A standard ticket costs 1000 CZK. VIP tickets will cost 1700 CZK, VIP GOLD tickets will cost 3500CZK and their number will be limited.
ZTP/P cardholders coming with an accompaniment can buy only 1 ticket, and they will get the second ticket for free. Tickets will be available by the entrance.



The festival area of the CityFest will open on Saturday 1st of June at 3.00 PM. Cash desks will be opened from 2.00 PM and will be situated by the entrance. Please be aware that all tickets needs to go through a ticket reader. Therefore we don’t recommend buying the tickets from unauthenticated sellers. The tickets have several protective signs, which will be checked by the reader. After a personal check-in and ticket verification every visitor will obtain a wristband. The entrance will be divided into several corridors. The corridor for VIP visitors and accreditation will be separated. We ask the visitors to use all the corridors to prevent long queues.



The CityFest is only for visitors, who are 16 years and older. It is not allowed to enter the festival with: own food, drink, drugs, aerosol spray, cans, plastic or glass bottles, weapons or other items which may cause harm to others. Umbrellas are also not allowed therefore we recommend bringing a raincoat. Signs with an explicit political, racist, discriminative or social movement meaning are also forbidden. Visitors, who will break any of these restrictions, won’t be allowed to enter the festival or will be asked to leave the festival.



We recommend using public transport to get to the Prague Exhibition Grounds Holešovice. The exhibition center is easily accessible by bus and tram (Výstaviště Holešovice stop) or by metro (Nádraží Holešovice). Due to the great interest of visitors, we recommend arriving well in advance.

The visitors coming by theirs cars or touring bus can use some of the following carparks:

  • The carpark in the area of the Exhibition Grounds near the swimming pool (all-day parking for 200 CZK) – convenient for buses
  • The carpark in the neighbouring site of the hockey hall in Holešovice



A new payment cashless system will be used in CityFest 2019.

NFCtron system will provide all paying will be simpler, faster and more comfortable.

You will get a bracelet with a chip (will be refundable for 30,- CZK) at the entrance to the venue, you will charge it with money and use it such as your payment card.

Your festival bracelet will be your digital wallet with which you can buy drinks, food, security lockers  and you will also be able to buy the official CityFest merch with it.

The chip works in the same way as a credit or debit card and you will pay simply by attaching. The amount you charge is up to you. You can pay both cash and with a card, the balance will be refunded to you when leaving the festival.

How does the NFCtron work?

  1. You can charge any amount with cash or with a payment card.
  2. After the initial charge you will get a bill with an internet link and a QR code to help you to track all your expenses online.
  3. You can charge your credit at the charging points or cash registers in the venue over and over again.
  4. You can also check your balance at any selling point simply by attaching the chip.
  5. The full amount that will remain on the chip will be refunded upon your departure from the venue at the cash registers.


There will be a sufficient number of the mobile toalets in the outdoor area. A standard toilet located on the ground floor of the Small Sports Hall will be available throughout the festival.



Lockers will be placed on the balcony of the Small Sports Hall. Here you can store your clothes and backpacks.



It will be possible for the visitors to leave the Cityfest between 3 – 6 PM and come back at no costs. In case of leaving the CityFest area after 6 PM, the ticket won’t be valid anymore and you won’t be able to enter the festival with this ticket again!


There will be a health service stand which will be visibly marked  (see the map)!

Photo and video shooting is possible for the visitors with cell phones and compact cameras without additional lens. Professional photo and video equipment is allowed only for accredited photographers and media. When buying the ticket the visitor agrees with the usage of the photo and video record for commercial usage and promotion.


The zone with the photo wall, photographer and possibility to take part in the competition about the best outfit of this year´s CityFest. The winner will get a VIP GOLD ticket for CityFest 2020!



There will be a separate corridor for faster check in of visitors with VIP tickets.  In the Small Sports Hall there will be a VIP terrace on the left side opposite the stage, there will be a bar and a private toilet.

The visitor receives a voucher for a welcome drink when exchanging a ticket for a tape.

There will be a separate corridor for faster check in of visitors with VIP GOLD tickets. In the Small Sports Hall you will find a VIP GOLD zone with a bar and toilet on the right side of the area looking at the stage. The VIP GOLD zone have a separate bar with unlimited consumption and buffet.


Smoking is only possible in the outdoor area of the festival grounds. Tobacco products will be on sale at an outdoor bar.



You can enjoy relaxation and fun in the Prima COOL chillout zone located in the outdoor area of the complex, in the immediate vicinity of the large LED screen and Finlandia bar.

One of the main partners of the festival is VODKA FINLANDIA, whose bar with mixed drinks can be found in the outdoor part of the area in the immediate vicinity of Prima COOLZONE. You can look forward to exclusive mixed drinks from the hands of professional bartenders.

Just like last year, this year, CityFest is also making an ecological journey, and therefore we serve all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in returnable backed cups.
The cups can be purchased and returned at any bar. When buying another drink, you will hand over the existing cup and the bartender will serve you a new drink in a clean cup. At the same time, there will be a part of the cups in the design of the CityFest festival, which are a great monument and faithful fans will certainly keep them.

The stand with the label MERCHANDISE where you are enable to buy T-shirts, baseball caps, bracelets, vests and glasses with the CityFest logo will be available at the Merchandise booth located on the Small Sports Hall balcony near the staircase.



In case you have not yet booked accommodation during CityFest, we recommend using the services of our partner hotel Mama Shelter Prague. A modern hotel just a few meters away from the Prague Exhibition Grounds is an ideal choice. Reservation: https://book.mamashelter.com/en/prague

Due to a high interest of visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad, we recommend you to use www.booking.com to reserve accommodation. You will find there relevant accommodation capacity in Prague.